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  • Mass Youth Health Surveys 16-17
  • Mass Youth Health Surveys
    Sky View Middle School was chosen to be a part of the Massachusetts Youth Health Survey. The survey will be given to one randomly selected class of 7th grade students and one randomly selected class of 8th grade students. The actual survey is included on this webpage. We will post more information before the survey which will take place on Monday, February 27th.
Health Education Update!
In our continuing effort to bring our Health curriculum into alignment with the Massachusetts Standard Frameworks for Health Education, students enrolled in Health will have a sexual education component added to their studies this year. A letter is sent home with all students at the start of their Health cycle and is a great source of information for parents and students alike. The letter includes a link to the sexual education curriculum that will be taught. Please keep in mind that only a fraction of what you’ll find through the link will be taught in school, with only one or two age-appropriate topics being covered in each grade. Please contact Mr. Billingham or Mr. Nebel with any questions.
Cycle 7 is here!
Cycle 6 is underway and we are moving as always quickly and efficiently through our curriculum, As a reminder: 05/19/17 we have gone over the Syllabus, Opt out Letter and Syllabus review (grades 6 and 7) please talk with your favorite students about those so they can earn extra credit from their Return Receipt on their Syllabus.
Always remember if you ever need anything at all don't hesitates to contact me!
Sexual Education Overview (All Grades)
As we learn how to utilize the website, there will be more updates regarding the curriculum resources in the near future, but for now here is a brief overview
-6th Grade- Body Changes during Puberty (Male and Female)
-7th Grade- Reproductive System Health (Menstruation and Sperm Production)
-8th Grade- Process of Pregnancy and Birth Control Methods (Abstinence based)
Which health topic are you most excited to learn about this year?
Which health topic are you most excited to learn about this year?