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Foreign Language Update for 17-18
Foreign Language Update for 17-18
For the 17-18 school year, we will only have an online Foreign Language choice for students. We will look to start the program during the week of November 13th. For much of the information that is on this page, the process of selecting students remains the same, but this year there is no standard Spanish class for students. Since there is one less class, we can only take half of the students we usually choose for Foreign Languages.
Grade 6 Foreign Language
Students who are placed in an advanced learning class, either all 4 academic classes or just humanities classes, will be placed in a foreign language class during workshop block. These students will take a semester of Exploratory Spanish in a traditional classroom setting and also a semester in an online foreign language class.
Grade 7 & 8 Foreign Language
Students are eligible to take a foreign language instead of a workshop class through a combination of teacher recommendation and a review of MAP testing data. Students' Reading MAP scores are reviewed first to target 100 students for 4 sections of foreign language class. After a review of these students' grades and consulting with their teachers, students are recommended for a foreign language. Students outside of the first 100 students selected may still be recommended for a foreign language class after consulting with 7th grade teachers. Students in Grade 8 who did not take a foreign language class can still take a foreign language class only through student or parent request. All requests should be sent to the building principal.
  • Edgenuity & Online Foreign Language
  • Edgenuity & Online Foreign Language
    Sky View offers 5 different foreign language choices through Edgenuity. The 5 language choices are: